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Beware of Paid Hosting Reviews from Affiliates Websites!

There are literally hundreds or even thousands of web-hosting reviews websites online. This is largely due to the fact that the web hosting companies are willing to pay very high commissions for the affiliates who refer customers for them in what is considered one of the most competitive industries.

An example of what the web hosting companies pay for their affiliates

Unfortunately, the high commissions rates have lead the website owners to write money motivated and biased web hosting reviews. They will simply rank the web hosting companies based on who pays them best. Too many inexperienced users who were seeking to sign up for hosting accounts have fallen to these sites and were referred to unreliable web hosting companies

It is not enough to depend on a single review when choosing a web hosting company, it is highly recommended to Google the web hosting company, read past reviews on the web hosting forums and ask current customers about their experience.