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Do you know why I love Linux Hosting?

Many reasons make Linux my preferred system for web hosting with the presence of a number of features that can be hardly found elsewhere.

  • Linux is free and open-source.
  • Linux is secure. Linux is far more secure than Windows.
  • Linux is fast and lightweight. It doesn’t consume the server resources the way that Windows does.
  • Most of the applications that run on Linux are free as well. The mail client, web server, FTP server, source control system and the database are all free and don’t cost extra fees.
  • I can access my Linux server through SSH and can take full control over it remotely.

Linux Hosting Illustration

With these features and more; Linux operating system is the perfect choice for me. Many companies offer affordable, reliable and high quality Linux hosting services, and I would recommend the following:

inMotion Hosting http://www.linux-hosting.net/go/inmotion

Hosgator Hosting http://www.linux-hosting.net/go/hostgator