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Drupal Meta Tags

Despite the fact that Meta Tags has little or no SEO value, writing a proper Meta description for your page can have very positive consequences on the amount of traffic that you will receive from the search engines. The Meta description will be used to display the description of the search result by the search engines.

One of the features that are lacking in the core version of Drupal is the ability to set the Meta Tags for a specific content or for a specific path. I have come across the two popular modules for Drupal 7:

Meta Tags

Meta Tags Quick

Upon installing Meta Tags module I faced a major problem with the Meta Description. The Meta Description Tag was not automatically generated from the body field in case no Meta Description was entered.

I had therefore opted to use the Meta Tags Quick module. The module configuration window allows the Drupal Administrator to add specific Meta Tags to content, taxonomy terms, custom paths, comments and users.

If the Meta Tags were added for content, they will appear as fields during the content insertion for all the content types. However, views (custom paths) Meta Tags can be either added and edited from the Meta Tags configuration window or by clicking on “Path Based Meta Tags” while viewing the view page as a logged in user with the proper permissions.