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Free cPanel Alternative: Webmin

cPanel is considered a simplified and super-powerful Linux web hosting management system with tons of features. Running cPanel on your dedicated or VPS server is subject to paying monthly licensing fees, which can be considered as an overburden on the long term. Therefore, a number of free cPanel alternatives have emerged over the last few years; Webmin is considered the most popular free cPanel alterative.

Webmin can be installed on Redhat Enterprise, Fedora, CentOS or any distribution that is derived from RHEL or Fedora. Ideally, Webmin should be installed on systems that have a fresh install. To install Webmin you need some knowledge in Linux commands to install the package itself and its dependencies. Webmin runs by default on port 10000, so make sure that there are no firewalls that are blocking the connection to the port. Webmin is very much similar to cPanel WHM (Web Host Manager), a module called Virtualmin can be installed to provide the domain management functionality that is similar to the one cPanel provides.

The management and the features of Webmin aren't as easy or as feature rich as cPanel but you will get used to Webmin over time. Webmin is gaining a lot of popularity over time. 

free cPanel alternative - Webmin interface