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The Free Website Builder - Wix

Despite the fact that website development services started since the late 1990s, one of the issues that many non-IT people continue to struggle with today is building their personal or business websites. Whether you are hiring a freelancer or a company to develop your website, you might encounter many problems during the web development process. These issues usually include unclear budget, unclear requirements, change of requirements during the development and continuous delays in launching the website. Unfortunately, real issues don't usually end when you launch your website, they usually start. Some issues that might be encountered after launching the website include security issues such as hacking, the used content management system has reached end-of-life or the appearance of bugs that never showed up during the development stage. Therefore, website development for personal use or for small businesses is not as easy as it might look. Recently we have started to see a few examples of very powerful website builders with affordable cost. The service that I will review today is Wix.com

Wix was founded in 2006. It is a website builder that allows the users to build their websites using drag and drop tools. Wix uses a freemium model, where it offers free websites with limited features compared to the premium/paid plans. The main limitations in the free plan are: 

  • All free Wix websites include Wix.com logo.
  • In terms of storage and bandwidth, a free website includes 500MB of storage and 500MB Bandwidth.
  • All Wix free websites, will be registered as subdomain of wix.com. This means that your website URLs will have the following structure: http://username.wixsite.com/sitename/page-url
  • All Wix free website will display ads.

The good thing with the free version is the ability to test all the features of the premium plans including the ability to create an eCommerce store. By being able to test all of these features, a user can decide whether Wix.com fits his/her needs or not.


Wix templates selection in the free plan (no limit)

To remove all the limitations of the free version, the user needs to update to one of the premium plans. The cost of the premium plans start at $4.50/month. This plan offers the user 1GB Bandwidth, 500MB Storage and the ability to connect a custom domain with the wix website. This means that users can build their website and host for as low as $54/year. You can also buy the domain name from Wix.com for $15/year. This means that the total cost for launching the website should not exceed $69/year.

Please note that Wix.com cannot be used to build dynamic websites where the website content can be changed by the website visitor.  The website administrator will need to change all the content through Wix interface. Wix cannot be used to build sophisticated web portals with complex functionality. However, due to its simplicity and wide range of available templates options, Wix has received a lot of positive reviews especially by individuals and small businesses who need a professional, fast and easy to customize web presence solution. By 2014, Wix has reported 50 millions. 

We strongly suggest that you give Wix.com a try and see if it satisfies your needs or not. Visit Wix from here