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Great Features in cPanel File Manager

When thinking about the best Linux hosting management systems, cPanel would first come into one’s mind. This is basically due to the unique features that cPanel has.

One of these features is the “compress and extract” files feature through the web based file manager. This feature is very useful for downloading, uploading and backing up multiple files without using any FTP clients. For example, one can compress the whole site locally to a single .zip file then upload it which is far faster then uploading multiple files. Afterwards, you can easily extract this file through the cPanel file manager to any location. Also if you want to backup multiple files or directories from your site to your local drive, you can easily compress these files and then download it as one compressed file and extract them locally on your computer.


cPanel Hosting compression  cPanel Hosting compression options  cPanel Hosting extraction


Another useful feature is the cPanel code editor. Sometimes, you find out that you have an error in your code and you want to modify the code quickly on your live website. cPanel code editor is a very simple and efficient code editor with syntax highlighting feature and line numbering through which you can easily find the code that you want to modify. 


cPanel Hosting Code EditorcPanel Code editor syntax highlighting