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Making Backups of Drupal site using Backup & Migrate Module

Too many times, the feature of automaticly backing up the website is requested from the web developers by their clients to prevent any accidental damage or loss of data. The backing up process is usually done through the backup utilities which are available in most of the hosting control panels or through custom scripts which are programmed to specifically achieve this task.
In Drupal, the Backup and Migrate module helps you manage the backups easily and efficiently. The module can be download from http://drupal.org/project/backup_migrate or by using drush comman “drush dl backup_migrate”.
After downloading this module, upload it to the “sites/all/modules” folder and as usual enable it in the modules page.
Go to the configuration page in the Drupal site and click on Backup and Migrate, through this page you can quickly download  a copy of the database of the site in MySQL format directly by clicking on "Backup now".
What if we need to manage backups and make some extra configuration?
To do this we can first go to the profile tab and click on “add new profile” where we can customize the compression type of the backup and the file name.
Send to Email
We can also send a copy of the backup to a specific email. This can be done by going to the “Destinations” tab and clicking on “add destination”. Afterwards, we choose “Email” in the bottom, from the next page we can simply write a name for this configuration and  specify the email we want.
Schedule your backup to automatically send the backup to your email
From the “Schedules” tab click on “add schedule” then simply fill the required fields, write a schedule name, choose the profile that we have created above, enter the period (1 day is recommended) and from the destinations choose the destination name which was previously set to send to a specific email, finally click save and here we are, you will receive daily emails with full backup of your Drupal site. 
Which Hosting companies provide automatic backup functionality?
HostGator is among the top web hosting companies that provide automatic backup for their customers.