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Saudi Arabia Opposes Some of The Newly Proposed Domain Extensions

Saudi Arabia Communications and Information Technology Commission has submitted its official objection to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)  against the creation of some of the newly proposed domain extensions. 

Saudi Arabia objected against the creation of the following extensions:

  • .sex on the grounds it would increase the proliferation of pornographic material on the web.
  • .virgin, .sucks, .dating and .baby because they might also be used by pornographic sites.
  • .tattoo because the practice is contrary to religions "such as Islam and Judaism".
  • .wine and .vodka since they could glamourise the consumption of alcohol.
  • .africamagic because it "implies that it is linked to black magic and this is considered offensive".
  • .gay on the grounds that it would be offensive to some societies and cultures.

The objection against .gay was critisized by a number Lesbian and Gay Foundations worldwide.