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Should You Choose a Managed or Unmanaged Hosting Plan?

One of the decisions that you need to make when choosing a VPS or dedicated web hosting plan is whether you need a managed or unmanaged server. Generally, you will only get a fresh clean install of your operating system with your unmanaged hosting plan. For example, if you sign up for a Linux based unmanaged hosting plan, you will most probably receive a freshly installed CentOS operating system. Installing Apache, PHP, MySQL and their prerequisites is your responsibility. Protecting your server from brute force attacks, setting your iptables firewall rules, updating and backing your server is part of your responsibility as well.

If you choose to sign up for a managed server, the web hosting responsibility will take care of the mentioned responsibilities. However, a managed server is generally more expensive that unmanaged servers. 

After all, it all depends on whether you have enough resources to manage your server by yourself or not. We strongly recommend letting the hosting company take this responsibility.