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Web Hosting Awards: Should You Trust Them?

While Searching for the latest web hosting news on Google news, I have found out that are literally hundreds of web hosting reviews websites that issues press releases to announce their ratings for the different web hosting companies. The Best Linux Hosting, The Best WordPress Hosting, The Best Drupal Hosting and The Best Joomla Hosting are few examples on the awards that are being publicized through hundreds of press releases online.

Web Hosting Awards

Should you immediately trust these awards value? The simple answer is: No!. The web hosting reviews websites are just trying to get some exposure to the general media, get back links to their sites and tap into new traffic sources. 

In order to choose your web host, we recommend reading user reviews from mutiple sources, including but not limited to:

  • Twitter. People do tweet about their experience with the hosting company.
  • Web Hosting Forums (The Web Hosting Talk Forum remains one of the most influential and the greatest online resouces).
  • The Hosting Company Facebook page (Read the user comments and find out whether the users are generally happy or disappointed by the service provided).
  • Trust only the established web hosting review websites or the personal blogs who are not affiliated with the web hosting companies.