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Domains & Hosting

How Linux is built?

Linux is used in hundereds of million of devices worldwide. Linux might be the OS that is currently used to power your TV, mobile device and your website hosting enviornment. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter are all powered  by Linux. But How is Linux built? Find out in the following video:






The History of Linux - Infographic

Linux is the most popular environment for hosting websites nowadays. If you want to know more about the history of Linux, its evolution and its most popular distributions take a look at the infographic shown below.

Green Web Hosting

Websites are becoming a necessity for every industry; there is a massive increase in the number of websites in the world, according to a recent survey, till December 2011 around 366,848,493 websites are available on the World Wide Web. If we think about the amount of energy needed to run this number of websites 24 hours a day, we will realize how big is the amount of energy consumed to run the web servers, thus causing a serious environmental threat.

Setting the minimum length of indexed words to 3 in MySQL with ft_min_word_len

I am currently working on an Arabic/Hebrew Dictionary at which I need to index three letters words. By default, the minimum length of the indexed words in MySQL is set to four. The minimum length of the words is controlled by ft_min_word_len global system variable.

symbolics.com and the evolution of the Internet - Infographic

Symbolics.com, the first domain registered on the Internet has published a very interesting, informative and useful infographic which shows the evolution of the Internet from the date the domain was registered on March 15, 1985 until now. Among the interesting information that you can read that last year alone has witnessed the registration of 95.5 million .COM domains and the total annual sales of domain names value around $250 million. 

27 Years have passed since the registration of the first domain name - infographics

27 years have passed since the first domain on the internet symbolics.com has been registered in 1985. In addition to SYMBOLICS.COM, four other domains have been registered in the very same year including BBN.COM, THINK.COM, MCC.COM and DEC.COM. Nowadays, there are over 100 million .COM domains registered and the number of domains continue to grow eventhough the growth in .COM domains is not as fast as it used to be.


Running XAMPP and IIS on the same Windows machine

One of the problems that you might face while trying to run XAMPP and IIS on your windows machine that both servers are listening to port 80 by default causing Apache to generate the following error:

No Listening sockets available, Apache problem

Only one usage of each socket address

is normally petmitted. :make_sock could not bound to address:

Get a chance to win $5000 through namecheap

Namecheap.com, one of the best and the most popular domain registrars is running a very creative marketing campaign on twitter by offering a $5000 prize for the winner.

The rule is quite simple, the user should tweet the following tweet: "Namecheap.com rocks #ncrocks - give it a try! http://bit.ly/ncrocks - Enter for a chance to win $5000!", if nobody tweets this message after 7 hours, the last person who tweeted it wins. The rules are as follows:

Multiple Domain Hosting - a MoneySaver

Web Hosting companies offer different kinds of web hosting plans. One of the most important features to pay attention to when buying a web hosting plan is the number of domain names that can be hosted with the same hosting plan. Some plans allow the hosting of a single domain name while the others allow the hosting of multiple domain names or even unlimited domain names.

The best way to transfer your files to your server

The web developers continuously suffer from long waiting times and disrupted connections while transferring their files to their hosting servers. The FTP clients such as FileZilla can help manage and better organize the file transfer process. However the presence of a large number of files can still increase the risk of failure during the transfer. 


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