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Here and There

The Free Website Builder - Wix

Despite the fact that website development services started since the late 1990s, one of the issues that many non-IT people continue to struggle with today is building their personal or business websites. Whether you are hiring a freelancer or a company to develop your website, you might encounter many problems during the web development process. These issues usually include unclear budget, unclear requirements, change of requirements during the development and continuous delays in launching the website.

Check DNS Propagation Delay

Have you ever had to update your domain DNS records and want to check the DNS propagation delay? Today, I had to check the DNS propagation delay of one of the domains that I manage and I googled the services that can help achieve this. I have found "What's My DNS?" that checks the domain delay against a number of domain name servers worldwide including Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Europe. The service is very reliable and very useful and I highly recommend using it. 


Inmotion Hosting is the Best Linux Hosting Provider in 2013

inMotion Hosting continues to be the best shared Linux hosting provider in 2013. They continue to offer unlimited business class hosting with 24/7, 365 days per year support at very reasonable prices.
We have analyzed the customer satisfaction through hunderds of tweets, facebook posts and forum threads for a number of web hosts and we have found that inmotion continues to receive the highest feedback ratings among the competitors making it the number one choice for many.

Google Apps No Longer Offer a Free Version

Google has recently announced that it will no longer offer a free version of Google Apps. Google Apps offers a number of Google products for businesses. These products include: Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and much more. Google used to offer a free version of Google Apps for free for up to 10 users. Google Apps premium version charges $50 per user. 

Do you know why I love Linux Hosting?

Many reasons make Linux my preferred system for web hosting with the presence of a number of features that can be hardly found elsewhere.

How to Monetize Your Website?

Make Money OnlineMaking money online is very important for every website owner. Creating a sustainable website-generated income can cover the website expenses (ex: web hosting fees) and even for websites with a good amount of traffic, it can become a major source of income.

Stay Away from Article Spinning and Link Schemes

I have recently decided to search for a link building service that will help me increase my search engine rankings. Being a member of the Warrior Forum, I began searching for the link building service providers. My research led me to this post, a link building service post which had over 1,500 replies and around 100,000 views.

Samsung Became a Platinum Member at The Linux Foundation

Samsung, the leading consumer electronics company became a platinum member of the Linux Foundation to join Fujitsu, IBM, intel, Quic Inc and Oracle in the platinum membership status. Samsung move will cost them $500K annual investment.

Samsung relies on Linux across multiple product lines especially for its mobile phones, TVs and home appliances. The move is expected to increase collaboration and support for Samsung's Linux-based devices.

Yahoo! Axis – The New Browser Extension from Yahoo!

Yahoo! Axis is a browser extension that was recently released by Yahoo! For Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (Version 7 and higher), Internet Explorer (Version 9 and higher), Apple Safari 5 and higher, iPhone and iPad.

Batman Bin Suparman, Are you trying to fool HostGator?

Web Hosting and Domain Registration companies are generally the targets of spammers or thieves who try to use stolen credit cards to hide their identities and to host warez or copyrighted material. 

The pending department requests the IDs of suspected individuals in an effort to stop the fraudulent orders from being processed. The following screenshots are some funny examples of fraudulent IDs the pending department at HostGator has received from different individuals all over the world:



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