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Free cPanel Alternative: Webmin

cPanel is considered a simplified and super-powerful Linux web hosting management system with tons of features. Running cPanel on your dedicated or VPS server is subject to paying monthly licensing fees, which can be considered as an overburden on the long term. Therefore, a number of free cPanel alternatives have emerged over the last few years; Webmin is considered the most popular free cPanel alterative.

Great Features in cPanel File Manager

When thinking about the best Linux hosting management systems, cPanel would first come into one’s mind. This is basically due to the unique features that cPanel has.

New cPanel login screen

I have just noticed that my cPanel was updated to version 11.3.2 (build 5). The major change that I have noticed is the new login screen interface which looks much better than the older one. 


cPanel buys siteocity,a small web hosting company

cPanel, the leading company in Linux hosting control panels has announced the acquisition of a small web hosting company call siteocity. The acquisition might have come as a surprise for some, but cPanel has explained that they have no intention in competing with their web hosting customers by entering the web hosting business.

Multiple Domain Hosting - a MoneySaver

Web Hosting companies offer different kinds of web hosting plans. One of the most important features to pay attention to when buying a web hosting plan is the number of domain names that can be hosted with the same hosting plan. Some plans allow the hosting of a single domain name while the others allow the hosting of multiple domain names or even unlimited domain names.

The best way to transfer your files to your server

The web developers continuously suffer from long waiting times and disrupted connections while transferring their files to their hosting servers. The FTP clients such as FileZilla can help manage and better organize the file transfer process. However the presence of a large number of files can still increase the risk of failure during the transfer. 

cPanel Hosting

When hosting a new website, one of the most important factors to consider is the web hosting control panel.  Some web-hosting providers develop their own control panels, while the rest offer one of the hosting software packages such as cPanel, Plesk or H-Sphere. cPanel is considered the most popular and favorable Linux web hosting control panels and is the number one choice for the web hosting users.  HostGator is one of the well-known web hosting companies that include cPanel in their shared hosting plans.

Hosting your website on Debian OS

If you are going to host a new LAMP website, one of the questions that comes to mind is to decide whether to host your website on CentOS or Debian servers.  While Debian has a very good package management system with a lot of packages in its repository, CentOS has cPanel support.

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