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More than 10 Million .org domains are registered

PIR (Public Interest Registry) the none non-profit operator of .org domains has announced that they have passed the 10 million domains milestone with the registration of JadForum.org (Jordan River and Dead Sea Basin Forum). 

New Domain Names by 2013

We have previously reported here about the applications for the new domain extensions. We are happy to announce that the new domain extensions will be available in 2013.
Earlier this week, ICANN has announced that they have hired Fadi Chehade as their new CEO as a replacement to Rod Beckstorm who would leave his position on the first of july.


iphone5.com Domain Goes to Apple for Free

Apple has won a dispute over the ownership of iphone5.com. Apple has filled a complaint to the World Intellectual Property Organization to have the domain transferred to them since Apple has the right over the iPhone® trademark.
The current iphone5.com site displays an empty page. A WHOIS lookup query on the domain shows that the domain is currently owned by " Corporation Service Company", a company which appears to manage the domain on behalf of Apple.

symbolics.com and the evolution of the Internet - Infographic

Symbolics.com, the first domain registered on the Internet has published a very interesting, informative and useful infographic which shows the evolution of the Internet from the date the domain was registered on March 15, 1985 until now. Among the interesting information that you can read that last year alone has witnessed the registration of 95.5 million .COM domains and the total annual sales of domain names value around $250 million. 

27 Years have passed since the registration of the first domain name - infographics

27 years have passed since the first domain on the internet symbolics.com has been registered in 1985. In addition to SYMBOLICS.COM, four other domains have been registered in the very same year including BBN.COM, THINK.COM, MCC.COM and DEC.COM. Nowadays, there are over 100 million .COM domains registered and the number of domains continue to grow eventhough the growth in .COM domains is not as fast as it used to be.


Go Daddy Super Bowl Ads 2012

Super Bowl is considered one the major advertising oppurtunities for the companies with the number of views reaching a peek of 111.3 million this year.  

Go Daddy had two Super Bowl ads this year, one for .co domains and one for cloud hosting. The ads received a lot of negative feedback worldwide due to their improper sexual material, however they got the people to tweet and to share setting a new sales record for the company.

The universities are purchasing xxx domains

After the establishment of .xxx top-level domain, several universities began buying university related .xxx domains to prevent the inappropriate or the misleading use of the domain name by the domainers. 

Recently UC Berkeley bought $1300 worth of xxx domains. Among the domains bought are: 

Google Email Hosting

Gmail is considered one of the best email service providers in the world with a constantly growing market share. Gmail Offers 7.3 GB of email storage with a very reliable spam filter and a very easy to use user interface. Now, you can benefit from all the features of Gmail on your own domain with Google Apps.

Go Daddy and Sedo Partner Together

Go Daddy, the world's largest domain registrar with over 35,000,000 domains registered, and Sedo the world's largest domain marketplace, have partnered together and agreed to show the domains which are listed in Sedo in Go Daddy's domain name search results. All domains with a Buy Now price will show up on Godaddy website, regardless of the domain name registrar. We are not sure when will the domains begin showing up, because we have already searched for some domains which are listed in Sedo's website, but couldn't find any in Go Daddy search results.

LaunchPad - HostGator new domain registration service

HostGator is considered one of the world's largest Linux web hosting companies with over 7,000,000 domains hosted. HostGator so far has been handling the domain registration for their clients through eNom.

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