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Drupal for Government Infographic

Drupal is currently considered the choice of preference for most of the governmental and intergovernmental agencies. It is currently being used by over 24% of US government agencies and by hundreds of governmental agencies worldwide. The United Nations, World Bank, prime minister of Belgium, prime minister of Australia and Queen Rania of Jordan websites are among the top users of Drupal.

Acquia has published a great infographic which shows how Drupal Rules Government. 

The History of Linux - Infographic

Linux is the most popular environment for hosting websites nowadays. If you want to know more about the history of Linux, its evolution and its most popular distributions take a look at the infographic shown below.

symbolics.com and the evolution of the Internet - Infographic

Symbolics.com, the first domain registered on the Internet has published a very interesting, informative and useful infographic which shows the evolution of the Internet from the date the domain was registered on March 15, 1985 until now. Among the interesting information that you can read that last year alone has witnessed the registration of 95.5 million .COM domains and the total annual sales of domain names value around $250 million. 

27 Years have passed since the registration of the first domain name - infographics

27 years have passed since the first domain on the internet symbolics.com has been registered in 1985. In addition to SYMBOLICS.COM, four other domains have been registered in the very same year including BBN.COM, THINK.COM, MCC.COM and DEC.COM. Nowadays, there are over 100 million .COM domains registered and the number of domains continue to grow eventhough the growth in .COM domains is not as fast as it used to be.


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