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Do you know why I love Linux Hosting?

Many reasons make Linux my preferred system for web hosting with the presence of a number of features that can be hardly found elsewhere.

Samsung Became a Platinum Member at The Linux Foundation

Samsung, the leading consumer electronics company became a platinum member of the Linux Foundation to join Fujitsu, IBM, intel, Quic Inc and Oracle in the platinum membership status. Samsung move will cost them $500K annual investment.

Samsung relies on Linux across multiple product lines especially for its mobile phones, TVs and home appliances. The move is expected to increase collaboration and support for Samsung's Linux-based devices.

How Linux is built?

Linux is used in hundereds of million of devices worldwide. Linux might be the OS that is currently used to power your TV, mobile device and your website hosting enviornment. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter are all powered  by Linux. But How is Linux built? Find out in the following video:






The History of Linux - Infographic

Linux is the most popular environment for hosting websites nowadays. If you want to know more about the history of Linux, its evolution and its most popular distributions take a look at the infographic shown below.

Setting the minimum length of indexed words to 3 in MySQL with ft_min_word_len

I am currently working on an Arabic/Hebrew Dictionary at which I need to index three letters words. By default, the minimum length of the indexed words in MySQL is set to four. The minimum length of the words is controlled by ft_min_word_len global system variable.

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