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Linux hosting

Inmotion Hosting is the Best Linux Hosting Provider in 2013

inMotion Hosting continues to be the best shared Linux hosting provider in 2013. They continue to offer unlimited business class hosting with 24/7, 365 days per year support at very reasonable prices.
We have analyzed the customer satisfaction through hunderds of tweets, facebook posts and forum threads for a number of web hosts and we have found that inmotion continues to receive the highest feedback ratings among the competitors making it the number one choice for many.

Do you know why I love Linux Hosting?

Many reasons make Linux my preferred system for web hosting with the presence of a number of features that can be hardly found elsewhere.

Making Backups of Drupal site using Backup & Migrate Module

Too many times, the feature of automaticly backing up the website is requested from the web developers by their clients to prevent any accidental damage or loss of data. The backing up process is usually done through the backup utilities which are available in most of the hosting control panels or through custom scripts which are programmed to specifically achieve this task.

Great Features in cPanel File Manager

When thinking about the best Linux hosting management systems, cPanel would first come into one’s mind. This is basically due to the unique features that cPanel has.

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