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Web Hosting News

Go Daddy is hiring Spanish language-speakers

Go Daddy IconFollowing the launch of their Spanish language website, Go Daddy is looking for 30 Spanish-speaking customer support staff.

Go Daddy has recently launched their Spanish website with the aim of providing support to their Spanish customer base from Latin America. Go Daddy currently receives over 10,000 monthly calls from Spanish speaking customers.


New cPanel login screen

I have just noticed that my cPanel was updated to version 11.3.2 (build 5). The major change that I have noticed is the new login screen interface which looks much better than the older one. 


Godaddy en Español – Godaddy Speaks Spanish

Go Daddy, one of the leading web hosting and domain registration companies in the world has launched its website in Spanish. 

Go Daddy has already started giving support in Spanish to their customers more than two years ago, and has now expanded their services to providing everything on their website in Spanish. Go Daddy receives around 10,000 monthly calls from Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and other Spanish speaking countries.


cPanel buys siteocity,a small web hosting company

cPanel, the leading company in Linux hosting control panels has announced the acquisition of a small web hosting company call siteocity. The acquisition might have come as a surprise for some, but cPanel has explained that they have no intention in competing with their web hosting customers by entering the web hosting business.

Go Daddy Super Bowl Ads 2012

Super Bowl is considered one the major advertising oppurtunities for the companies with the number of views reaching a peek of 111.3 million this year.  

Go Daddy had two Super Bowl ads this year, one for .co domains and one for cloud hosting. The ads received a lot of negative feedback worldwide due to their improper sexual material, however they got the people to tweet and to share setting a new sales record for the company.

Go Daddy and Sedo Partner Together

Go Daddy, the world's largest domain registrar with over 35,000,000 domains registered, and Sedo the world's largest domain marketplace, have partnered together and agreed to show the domains which are listed in Sedo in Go Daddy's domain name search results. All domains with a Buy Now price will show up on Godaddy website, regardless of the domain name registrar. We are not sure when will the domains begin showing up, because we have already searched for some domains which are listed in Sedo's website, but couldn't find any in Go Daddy search results.

LaunchPad - HostGator new domain registration service

HostGator is considered one of the world's largest Linux web hosting companies with over 7,000,000 domains hosted. HostGator so far has been handling the domain registration for their clients through eNom.


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