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Network Solutions Review

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Network Solutions are best known for being the pioneer in the domain registration services.  Network Solutions services are more expensive than the rest of the domain registrars mainly because it is a well-recognized brand. There is a common saying among domain registrars that Network Solutions is the professional route to take.

Network Solutions offers some free features with every domain registration. Network Solutions is distinguished from its competitors with its fast DNS changes updates. Any change in the DNS records normally reaches the web within five minutes (This is also called DNS propagation time) . In addition, Network Solutions offer free sub domains as well as Auto Renewal service so that you don’t have to worry about renewals. Also, Network Solutions can help you create a custom one page website that contains your business profile. We found this feature being appropriate for businesses that only need very basic online presence that contains their basic information.

Some of the registrars do charge their customers for private registration and Network Solutions is one of them. However, I don’t see it reasonable to charge the customers from Domain Forwarding, a feature which is afforded for free through other registrars while taking in consideration the expensive price that Network Solutions charge for domains.

Besides, Network Solutions has 24/7 support through email and phone with a super fast response time. Further improvement can be done by providing live chat support for their customers. 

It is worth mentioning that Network Solutions services are not limited to domain registrations. They also include Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Website security, Web Design, Web Marketing and many others. It is therefore very important to decide on what exactly you need because they offer great discounts on certain products when they are part of a certain package.