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DNS Settings

The Domain Name System is the system that converts the domain names into their corresponding IP addresses. If the DNS system didn’t exist, every user has to remember the IP address of the website he wants to visit. It is much easier to remember google.com rather than remembering its IP, right?

Each domain name has its own Name Server records at which it stores the DNS information.

The A record for example specifies the IP address at which the webhosting is located. On the other hand, the MX records specify where you email goes. This means you can host your website at one place, while having your email hosted at another.

It is very important to know whether your domain registrar or your host give you full DNS control over the records or not. You don’t want to end up sending emails or faxes every time you want to have those changed.  Godaddy, Network Solutions and 1and1 are some of the domain registrars that give you full control over your DNS records.

When registering your domain name at one place and have your domain hosted at another place you can either keep the DNS servers pointing to your current registrar while pointing the A records to the web host IP address, or alternatively you can point your domain name server to web hosting company name servers and control your DNS records from there. 

DNS zone editor


(1) - The simple DNS Zone editor at cPanel. You can see the record pointing to IP address of the domain name. Each Domain can have multiple A records.


MX Records for setting up Google Apps


 (2)- The MX records of a domain configured to route emails to Google Apps servers.