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Domain Backordering

Domain Backordering is a service which is provided for the domain buyers that allow them to catch (register) the domain names as soon as they are dropped.

The typical top level general domain names go through a life cycle before they are released once again to the public. If the domain owner fails to renew the domain before its expiry, the domain owner will usually be given redemption through which there is a still a possibility to renew the domain. If the domain owner fails to renew his domain during this period, the domain status will become “Pending Delete” for five days before being released (Available). The exact time at which the domain name will be dropped is unknown. The domain name backordering services continually query the Verisign servers to check the status and grab the domains.

(1)- The typical general domain lifecycle as demonstrated by ICANN


The domain backordering success rate differs from one service to another. One of the important factors that determine the success rate is whether the registrar of the domain is partnered with the backordering service.  Some of the domains go for auctions if multiple people have backordered the domain. The cost of a backorder ranges between $20.99 and $69 .

These are the top providers of Domain backordering service:

snapnames backorder


(2)- A screenshot for a number of domains available for backorder on snapnames.com. The order By date is an indication of the deletion date.