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Domain Monitoring

Domain Monitoring is a service that allows its users to monitor any change in the status, registrar, expiration date and the name server of the domain name. This service is particularly useful for those who are interested in ordering domain names as soon as they are dropped from their current registrar.  Statuses like “Pending Delete” and “Redemption Period” are a good indication that the domain is going to be deleted soon.

DomainTools.com is one of the websites that offers this service for free for its members.  Godaddy on the other hand sells this service for $5.99/yr for a pack of 100 domains. Keep in mind that the speed at which you will receive an email notification from the domain monitoring tool varies from one tool to another. 


Domain Tools Monitoring email

(1) - This is an example of a domain monitor email alert notification received by one of the subscribers of DomainTools.com.

Domain Monitor Control Panel

(2)- Domain Monitor Control Panel showing list of domains with their status, last checked, created, expires and updated dates.