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Domain Name Forwarding

Domain Name Forwarding is a service that lets the user forward any request from one domain name to another domain name. Domain Forwarding is particularly useful for websites who want to redirect the traffic they receive from misspelled or outdated domains to a new domain name. With Domain Forwarding the website visitor will see the new domain on the address bar. There are two types of redirects:

Permanent 301 redirect:  This is the most common type of redirects and tells the search engine to remove the original domain content from their index and replace it with the content from the new location.

Temporary 302 redirect: This tells the search engines to read and use the content on the forwarded to domain, but it also tells the search engine that the forwarded from domain will be reestablished soon.

Most of the domain registrars provide the domain forwarding service for free, however some charge for it.


Domain Name Forwarding in Godaddy

This screenshot shows how domain forwarding is handled at Godaddy. The Advanced Options allows you to determine whether you want to forward only or forward with Masking while being able to specify the domain forwarding type (Permanent or Temporary).