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Domain Transfer

Domain Transfer is the process of changing the domain registrar from one to another. Domain owners usually transfer their domains because they are unsatisfied with their current domain registrar. Domain Transfer would usually include a one year extension for the domain expiry date.

For the domain transfer to be successfully to be initiated, you need to unlock (remove protection from) your domain, while verifying the administrative contact email address of the domain. Later, you need to get the EPP transfer code from your registrar. The EPP is the secret security code you need to initiate the domain transfer in the new registrar. After submitting the code to the new registrar, you will receive a Transfer Authorization for the domain name at the administrative contact email address. After clicking on the approval link, the old registrar has up to five days to reject or accept the transfer; if no action is taken within the five days the domain is automatically transferred to the new registrar.

The customers who transfer their domains to new registrars usually get special treatment in terms of pricing making them eligible for good discounts.

 If you need to transfer your domain for a reputable, cheap, professional and user-friendly registrar we strongly recommend transferring them to Godaddy.


Domain Transfer Authorization Request

This is an example of a typical domain transfer authorization request at which the administrative contact of the domain has to approve the transfer by click on a link.