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Web Hosting Service

For your website to be accessible through the World Wide Web it needs a domain name as well as web hosting space. Web Hosting companies provide their customers with a space and internet connection, websites are hosted on what is called a web server.

When choosing your web hosting company, it is very important to understand the features the company has to offer .The features that a typical web hosting plan buyer should look at:

Server Type: First do you need Windows or Linux Hosting?

Disk Space: How many GB are you allowed to host?

Bandwidth: How much data are you allowed to transfer?

Control Panel: Some control panels are easier and more feature-rich than the others.

Multiple Domains: Are you allowed to host multiple domains? You don’t want to end buying a different hosting plan for each domain name.

Free Domain: Do you get your domain for free or for a discounted price when hosting?

Database Support: Does the company offer MSSQL/MySQL Support? What is number of allowed databases?

Language Support: PHP/Python/Ruby on Rails/ASP.NET/Perl/etc.

Support: What type of support does the company offer? Do they offer live chat support? Do they reply fast on the phone calls or the emails? Is the support knowledgeable?

Price: Is the price affordable? How does it compare to the other companies? However, Please don’t be so tempted to buy from one of these $1/month companies, you will probably end up with a very slow service and would not be given support.

Money Back Guarantee: What would happen if you were not satisfied with the web hosting company service? Would they charge you for the full billing cycle?

As a rule of thumb, no matter which company you prefer to host with, we always recommend staying away from free hosts. Free Hosts are generally very unreliable, super slow and are filled with ads.

In addition, always buy a web hosting service from a company that has some good reputation in the web hosting field. We have heard a lot of horror stories about customers who got their web hosting plans from new unknown companies who have seen these companies disappear over-night.