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Adobe Dreamweaver


Adobe Dreamweaver

Design, develop and publish your website.

Dreamweaver is a feature-rich web development application By Adobe Systems. Dreamweaver is  a great IDE to use for both beginners and experienced users.

Dreamweaver supports multiple server and client side technologies including PHP, ColdFusion, Asp, ASP.net, JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With Dreamweaver you can easily set up your local, testing and remote environments. In addition, Dreamweaver has a check in/check out feature through which a team of users can collaborate on a project without the fear of overwriting one another work. Also, The check in/check out feature integrates with subversion version control system. Moreover, Dreamweaver has some powerful shortcuts, which can speed up the development process.

Besides, Dreamweaver comes with different layouts to match the web designer and web developer needs. And if these layouts aren’t enough, you can define your own.

Last but not least, Dreamweaver has a huge user community that continuously gives support, publish tutorials and design templates. Dreamweaver can be downloaded as a free trial.