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Find and Fix your css bugs right away in your browser

Firebug is the must-have extension for Web Developers. It is available as a full version on Firefox and a lite version with a few limitations on all the major browsers including: IE6+, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Firebug allows the web developer to inspect all the elements on the page, see the applied, overriding and computed CSS styles and applying any changes if necessary. What is unique about Firebug is that any changes on the HTML structure will immediately appear on the Firebug Window allowing the web developer to see any HTML output being loaded into the web page, a feature that is extremely useful when developing AJAX web applications.

Firebug isn’t only useful for CSS development; with Firebug the web developer can debug JavaScript and see the amount of time and bandwidth it took to load all the elements in the web page including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Images, Flash and media so you can optimize your website accordingly.