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Test your website in internet explorer and fix your css issues

Internet Explorer has the biggest market share in the browsers market with older versions such as Internet explorer 7 or even Internet explorer 6 enjoying a good market share. Achieving CSS compatibility with the older versions of Internet explorer requires a lot of time, effort and most importantly the availability of the different versions of Internet explorer.

IETester is a very powerful tool that lets you test your website on all the versions of Internet explorer without having to install them on multiple systems. It comes with tabs support, so you can test the same web page on multiple IE versions at the time.

IETester has overcome the problem that most of the online browser testing tool are limited to providing website screenshots, while IETester allows the user to interact with the website.  This allows the web developer to find out additional bugs that he might otherwise not find by looking into the web page screenshot.

IETester is only compatible with the Windows OS.